These beauties are handmade set in nickle silver and we only have one of each. We bought these from a small speciality vendor in North India who only does one off pieces. We tried to convince Mila to make us at least three in each colour but her response was; “I don’t like it when someone else wears the same jewellery as me, do you?” Do you agree?

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Height:50 mm
Width:30 mm

Agate stones have been set into the base metal is a copper alloy made of zinc and nickle.

Champinx After Care

Your Champinx piece is handmade, so please treat it with the same love and care with which it was made.

  • In between wearing your Champinx, pop it in the pouch provided.
  • Try to protect your jewellery from scratches, detergents and extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t spray perfume directly onto the jewellery, and take it off to shower and bathe.
  • It’s perfectly normal for handmade items like Champinx to oxidise and change colour slightly… Enjoy the new look!