By the tradition of native America, to protect you from negative dreams, these beautiful earrings are one of our ever-popular design.

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Height: 50mm
Width: 40mm

Base metal is an alloy i.e. mixture of copper, brass and zinc.
The pearls are plastic to keep the earrings light so you can wear them all day long!

Champinx After Care

Your Champinx piece is handmade, so please treat it with the same love and care with which it was made.

  • In between wearing your Champinx, pop it in the pouch provided.
  • Try to protect your jewellery from scratches, detergents and extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t spray perfume directly onto the jewellery, and take it off to shower and bathe.
  • It’s perfectly normal for handmade items like Champinx to oxidise and change colour slightly… Enjoy the new look!