Versatile Pure Cashmere Poncho


Our 100% cashmere poncho is a true investment piece for your wardrobe.

So soft to the touch and incredibly warm, it’s perfect for layering and your season-to-season go to.

The pretty pearlescent button side fastenings mean you can wear this poncho in a number of ways – beautiful and versatile, what more could you ask for!

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Your beautiful poncho will come in a Champinx 100% natural cotton drawstring bag. Makes a great gift, opt for a greeting card at checkout to make your gift extra special!

Caring for your Cashmere, Wool and Silk Blends

Your Champinx piece 100% Cashmere, so please treat it with the same love and care with which it was made!

  • Always use the gentlest cycle on your machine – the handwash cycle is best if there is one.
  • While still damp, lay the item flat on a towel so that it doesn’t lose its shape.
  • If your machine doesn’t have a delicates cycle, button the item up and place it inside a pillow case on a cold wash.
  • Store your item in the Champinx dust-free bag provided, never plastic or cardboard.
  • Unfortunately moths love cashmere, so keep a few moth deterrents in your wardrobe or drawers. We offer natural alternatives including lavender, thyme or cloves – make your choice at checkout.